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Why Benefits Provider are Afraid of the Truth.

Well in this particular instance although that’s usually a very high  factor it did not resonate in this case Benefits provider and then again breaking it down by turnover versus volunteer and as we said  we had about  different charts and we  sliced the data in many different ways.

Benefits Provider

So once you have the data you can do  that you may look at other things but  this just got us started and then what  also happened is we started to wonder  well you know we’re doing these employee Benefits provider surveys annually we’re making employees invest the time we’re investing the time is there any correlation between the  annual survey and the exit interview so  she went back and she compared the data  of on the left  what employee said they wanted and what was important to them and we broke it on  into male and female and why employees  are leaving and there was a head-to-head  similarity across the board so obviously what it meant to us was wow everything that.

We do needs to focus on Benefits provider those three critical areas and all the  rest can be handled in another program  now what was awesome about the data  analysis like  meaning putting all the exit data in a  spreadsheet was that we had a lot of  demographics on you know age and gender  and diversity and Department what we  didn’t have we but we did not have that  data for the annual employee survey.

So it was very difficult for us to break  down career development relationship with manager and compensation at a more granular level to understand those Benefits provider specific needs as they come into the  organization and as they continue to  stay so what we learned from this is  that we really needed to improve the way  that that annual employee survey worked  so that we had even though it was  anonymous more data that could be that  reports could be run on.