Why window replacement lincoln ne Is No Friend To Small Business

window replacement lincoln ne

And from start to finish and don’t forget you have to wait overnight for the foam to dry before you can put in the kaki go which stuff XCOM what we’re doing today is we’re going to replacement windows first thing you need to do is remove your old storm window I’ve already got that off now I’m going to go inside.

I’m going to start removing the the actual sashes kind of remove the trim sash and then the stops on the inside we’re going to do that next I’m moving out what you want to do is first thing you need to do is work on these stops and you want to pull them off slowly so you could put them back on after you get to do the new replacement window.

So just just pry these off slow take them off both sides now do the same thing on the other side then we’ll take the window up you know we have stops on both sides now the little track that the the window glides in it’s just generally copper or aluminum remove.

That on both sides now your window is ready to just pop pop right out like this spring some rip off now you’re halfway there the next thing you want to do is work on the stops these are generally just held in the end with a nail or to do the nails in the center break it out this one out.

Okay then I got these stops out on both sides and this widow’s just simply held in by the same little aluminum or copper tracks all you need to do is manhandle it just a little bit it’ll pull down pop your Springs off now you got this one out just simply remove these tracks you can recycle those those are copper front too be careful cause this stuff too sharp on the edges.

Now what I’m going to do is just clean this all up a little bit meaning around this area on this backside because that new window is going to set right on this stop so we’ll clean this edge up so it fits as tight as it can to this stop get those spring hooks out of here.

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